Local Service Programs

These services programs are design to assist local business.

If your a local home service provider and are looking for a different way to generate pull in new higher qualified customers. These services programs are especially made for you.

Google LSA Services

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So what are you waiting for? Let us help you optimized your profile and you only pay for high quality leads from Google we verified.

Booking an appointment will be required to explain Google terms and condition of the program and to register your business licensing and insurance information.

Eva AI:

Lead Generation All In One Marketing Assistance

In today’s digital world, businesses struggle to capture attention and convert leads into sales. Traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective. Enter Eva AI - The Sales and Marketing Agent with a Human Touch. This revolutionary tool combines AI capabilities with human-like connections to transform your sales and marketing efforts. Eva AI engages leads, enhances reach across platforms, creates personalized content, and learns from customer interactions. It integrates seamlessly with your team and generates optimized content for projects. Eva AI also improves your reputation through automatic review requests. Experience unmatched growth and effectiveness with Eva AI.

Month to Month Flexible Ai Plans:

  • Starter

  • $250 per month

  • Content Creation & Sales Conversations:

  • 200 Credits

  • Mobile App Users: 5

  • Pro

  • $416 per month

  • Content Creation & Sales Conversations:

  • 500 Credits

  • Mobile App Users: 10

  • Growth

  • $820 per month

  • Content Creation & Sales Conversations:

  • 960 Credits

  • Mobile App Users: 15

  • Enterprise

  • $1500 per month

  • Content Creation & Sales Conversations:

  • 1400 Credits

  • Mobile App Users: Unlimited